Kaluga Grand Cru

Limited Edition

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Weight: 30g (1 - 2 guests)

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Kaluga Grand Cru, Hybrid (Huso & Acipenser Dauricus Schrenki) is an extremely firm, gold hued caviar. It is clean and buttery, with an unparalleled pop and mouthfeel. The classification “Grand Cru” describes the highest quality level of our Kaluga caviar. The caviar is additionally graded by color and only perfectly shaped and rich-brown, golden eggs make the qualification “Grand Cru”.  The caviar is sustainably farmed in Asia, in the mountains southwest of Shanghai, in the Thousand Island Lake natural reserve.

Large, golden to rich-brown beads, firm texture with sweet notes of hazelnut and butter.

Available in

30g (1 - 2 guests), 50g (2 - 3 guests), 125g (4 - 6 guests), 250g (10 - 12 guests), 500g (20 - 25 guests), 1kg (45 - 50 guests),



Shelf Life

Opened Tin: 3 - 5 Days
Closed Tin: 45 Days
Caviar should be stored between 32 - 39 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Do not store caviar in the freezer.


This item is perishable and must be shipped overnight express in an insulated cooler for a flat rate of $35.

Free shipping on orders of $200 or more.