Classic Ossetra

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Weight: 30g (1 - 2 Guests)

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Classic Ossetra probably the most well-known caviar around, Ossetra (Gueldenstaedtti) is the last species originally from the Caspian Sea and now relocated to aquaculture farms where they are sustainably farmed.

Medium-sized, firm, and juicy beads with and a bold, clean, nutty, buttery taste. Toasty brown color to dark brown.

Available in

30g (1 - 2 Guests), 50g (2 - 3 Guests), 125g (1 - 2 Guests), 250g (1 - 2 Guests), 500g (20 - 25 guests), 1kg (45 - 50 guests),



Shelf Life

Opened Tin: 3 - 5 Days
Closed Tin: 45 Days
Caviar should be stored between 32 - 39 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Do not store caviar in the freezer.


This item is perishable and must be shipped overnight express in an insulated cooler for a flat rate of $35.

Free shipping on orders of $200 or more.